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If you still have a linkedin and think it's worth keeping, it's one of the more worthwhile privacy toggle gauntlets to go through very aggressively permissive defaults and there's a lot you can lock down if you take the time

Beautiful speeches. I'm overjoyed 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Last time I tried using a node ORM I told myself I'd never do it again and now I'm wishing I had kept my promise to myself

Absolutely astonishing that with things as popular as the combo of node and a SQL db, the best option is sequelize which is bafflingly undocumented and haphazard from a thin-stretched volunteer team of devs chipping in spare time. In these moments it becomes clear again how the world is held together by half-missing duct tape

wow half my day to get letsencrypt and cloudflare to play nicely together was fun

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Neighbors for More Neighbors is seeking a volunteer to create our newsletter! We need someone who wants to spread the word on everything that's happening with housing in the Twin Cities. Email Eric to learn more:

Awesome news that some experienced ex-blizzard folks have started a new company and are working on a new AAA PC RTS game

Apple's new proprietary magsafe charging ecosystem should be illegal as well

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It's tough out there for artists and their staff but wow it's really nice to see a team like Perfume's flourishing in these constraints

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I finally got around to watching the performance from the end of this (I had fallen asleep)

WOW. Rhizomatiks is doing such insane work right now with CG + live performance. I spent some time just pausing on different frames in some of the insane special effects and every frame was like it's own work of art

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Imagine this being your discography and you're not done making legendary albums yet

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Watched 2 minutes of the debate and my heart was just pounding due to frustration and rage and I had to turn it off. Now cranking the new bob mould album for the 5th time. I think I'm gonna need to crank this album a lot in the next few months...

TIL to destructure a parent and its child at the same time in JS

const {
parent: { child },
} = something

There are real reasons that syntax isn't intuitive. 10,000 times I wanted to do this...

Hades is the most fun I've had with a new game in ages. First clear on my 31st attempt. 3 extra dashes + Poseidon dash was OP

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