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Nakata deep cut of the day: Capsule - mutations of life

The economy of instrumentation is so interesting, especially the (awesome!) bass being absent for most of the song but coming in halfway through the chorus

whole dam world's falling apart and here I am grinning like a buffoon cuz bob mould dropped a new track and the band looks like they're having SO MUCH FUN :D :D :D

Youtube, twitter, facebook, snapchat, etc.’s algorithms aren’t just bad, they’re *violently* bad. Why is American tech unable to iterate on this in any direction other than implosion? How is the most critical product in the world in 2020 (curation) always offered as a one-size-fits-all zero-agency opaque sludgecannon? The company/ecosystem that steps back and gives a developer community the handlebars on this shall inherit the earth.

Turn off news push notifications. Stay informed, but don’t do it on rails. Don’t let your good mood/train of thought/productive streak be derailed.

Wow SlayerSBoxeR turned 40 today and the GSL turned 10. We’re boomer nerds now let’s gooooo 🎉

No youtube channel has any business being as good as 온스테이지ONSTAGE. Just subscribe and enjoy

Always loved this Westerberg SNL performance. Dave Minehan and Josh Freese were goin all out but still staying so tight

new capsule album whennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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New nakata song dropped yesterday and I've listened 50 times and learned it on guitar already lol. Fun retro vibes & old tom hits. Great little composition ideas like the descending B9, the pre-chorus Dm9, the Am7 before the resolve at the end. Classic

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Did you know that you can get the timeline of a Mastodon user through your favorite rss feed reader?

For getting the RSS url, it's quite simple:


So for my account, it's


Nakata deep cut of the day: Perfume - Clockwork as performed solo by titojwonnie

Love little inspiring things like seeing someone following a passion like this. Don’t have anyone to do the dance with? Learn all 3 parts and splice it!

The cool kid way to write code in 2020

(Note, the setup actually works powered purely off the phone too! Also cool that when on the battery pack it trickle charges the phone)

Not to mention the precision, artistry, brilliance, etc... imagine the *physical pain* of doing this for hours on end thousands of times over 4+ decades the older I get the more I shift to being in awe of the sheer endurance of performers who never let up. Bob Mould screaming his lungs out & going home to sit by the ocean because it’s the only thing that drowns out his tinnitus. Hell even Perfume these days I just marvel at dancing in heels for hours straight for 20 years

Thank you music for keeping me excited about the future!! can't wait to hear what all these cats will cook up next

Me every game of melee since installing slippi 🙃

TIL about the different specific types of gamakas So cool!

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