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Nakata deep cut of the day (filmed months ago and I forgot). Perfume - Voice

The chords in even just the opening moments are so rich. The song also recycles this vocal part over completely different chords in the chorus which makes it that much cooler

kevinflo boosted New Bob Mould track and all proceeds go to the charity organizations Black Visions MN and and Outfront MN

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Posting this from the admin account to make it abundantly clear - and if you have even a whiff of anything to say against that or anything you want to counter that or caveat it with this is NOT the instance for you

If you come wanting to post alt-right, Trumpist, or white supremacist content you are not welcome here and will be banned

Even from bots, seeing likes flood in is like crack. First time I've felt that in literally years and tonight of all nights it seems to explain a lot

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Replied to an active protest-related twitter thread for the first time in ages and started getting a ton of likes but then started clicking through to all the accounts. I can't be sure but it seems like a flood of bots all the way down. Just eerie admitting failure, expressing grief, and being completely clear about the good vs evil forces at play in the institution. This isn't the whole story and there are better perspectives to amplify but I'm nearing done with looking for purity and perfection in what to amplify and align with. Outlining of the contrast between Bob Kroll (and his broad support within the broken dept) and Medaria Arradondo is just too necessary of a foundation

Completely overwhelmed by what’s going on in Minneapolis right now. So many problems and inequalities with so much legacy all converging. I’m not in the city (I’ve been asked multiple times now) but people I care about are and I hope they can all stay safe. This is all just totally overwhelming

Been enjoying the live DJ shows on the anjuna twitch channel

Good to keep on while coding etc

I continue to find it baffling that music streaming services seem to ignore ways to make the experience more social or better connect the audience to the artists. Commenting on tracks, artists, albums, or stations, publicly viewable likes/dislikes, tipping/paid subscriptions, artist streams, live group playlists (turntable fm style), active listener counts/scrobbles, etc. etc. Music streaming services feel like an *alone time* experience when that's the opposite of music's role in human nature

also probably your fediverse feed if you follow me

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My brain capacity allocation:

1% wtf is happening in the world

Just watched The Post which I thought was a fantastic movie. A little bit of a bummer that it didn't seem to get much buzz

Really showed the fragility of a free press. Sadly seems to me a few years since it's been game over for all that. Even when reporting like that does happen these days it doesn't end up mattering and there's no accountability. gg for now

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