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Been enjoying the live DJ shows on the anjuna twitch channel

Good to keep on while coding etc

I continue to find it baffling that music streaming services seem to ignore ways to make the experience more social or better connect the audience to the artists. Commenting on tracks, artists, albums, or stations, publicly viewable likes/dislikes, tipping/paid subscriptions, artist streams, live group playlists (turntable fm style), active listener counts/scrobbles, etc. etc. Music streaming services feel like an *alone time* experience when that's the opposite of music's role in human nature

also probably your fediverse feed if you follow me

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My brain capacity allocation:

1% wtf is happening in the world

Just watched The Post which I thought was a fantastic movie. A little bit of a bummer that it didn't seem to get much buzz

Really showed the fragility of a free press. Sadly seems to me a few years since it's been game over for all that. Even when reporting like that does happen these days it doesn't end up mattering and there's no accountability. gg for now

Wow, it's a series!

Cool to see how directly he was chipping away at the concepts of "future pop" even 15 years before

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Nakata deep cut of the day:
Capsule - Space station No. 9

I had no idea there was a music video for this!!

Nakata deep cut of the day:
Amy Suzuki - Change my Life

Didn't realize this had become available in high quality on youtube. Second half of the chorus is just insane

Wish I wasn't right about this but here we goooooooooo 😔

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Talk about prolific... been obsessed with this dude's music for like 8 years now and still finding entire albums I didn't know he had a hand in!

We all pick our battles as far as equitable software and I've always held my nose and gone on playing tencent games, but I just can't stomach the necessary "riot vanguard anti-cheat" required to play valorant. Loads at system startup and has complete free reign to do who knows what

Se So Neon is such an insanely good band

It's a testiment to the level of their songwriting/musicianship that they can be so exciting and fresh in the middle of an indie landscape littered with bands that go for a similar kind of sound but end up being bland and derivative

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Lunch break is over, heading back in - this time I can see stream chat thanks to the excellent OVRDrop! Streaming Alyx at

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College dorm floormate doing a quarantine concert live streamed. Pop in!

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