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The day-to-day deltas on covid19 are just absolutely bonkers right now, and that's with the majority of nations too inept, corrupt, or underprepared to test more than a small sample.

Find somewhere to hunker down. Now is the time to start being as paranoid as I've spent the last month already being

The stewardship missteps of pro smash bros, quake, Rocket League, StarCraft, etc. and tencent's tentacles being in so much makes such a case for a hypothetical future of open source esports. But instances like make me doubt gamers could ever be mature/unified enough is an interesting response to this same problem & I think it's a missed opportunity that it's a standard indie game & not open source like the (probably doomed)

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Muxtape-inspired app I hacked up earlier today for the decentralized web, dubbed Skytape: Send me yours! (Make sure you have permission to publish)

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Tinyfed has been updated to mastodon v3.1.1 🎉🎉🎉

Paywalled journalism is getting so pervasive online. This can't be the solution. Being well informed can't be the domain of only rich people

The difficulty of getting a local development environment set up on an existing project (coming in as a new employee/contractor or as a contributor to something open source) is so extreme in most cases I see. This just can't be how things are done anymore.

Somebody needs to make an open source `stadia for software dev` before microsoft does and everybody inexplicably treats the closed source iteration of it as an open-source-friendly standard.

5 years in San Francisco and I never felt remotely like that. With Seoul it took less than 6 months over ~2 years

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This is cheesy but I've developed a pretty powerful love for Seoul. Even though I'm leaving I feel like at this point I'm leaving a bit of my heart behind. Never imagined I'd have that feeling about somewhere that isn't Minneapolis

Tinyfed was down for a little bit... turns out docker was taking up more space for no reason and it had ballooned to 30 extra gigs and the server ran out of disk space?

Regardless I got rid of it and all is well now, and even if it wasn't tinyfed has automatic daily backups.

Also the new porter robinson song is sweet and different. Production/mix is interesting on it, especially on the drums. Melody is strong. Glad he's putting out something fresh.

Just front-to-backed Wave Runner for the first time in a while and wow, absolutely nothing about the experience of listening to that album is the same as it was for me when it came out 5 years ago. What a bold, unique, avant garde, inventive, cheesy, fun, dense, crazy as all hell album. So many masterpiece moments that just didn't even register with me for years. Another one of those Nakata albums that's completely different from any of his others and completely unlike any other album ever.

Note - they send out a lot of these here. Bad air quality days are the most common reason for them. First time I got one a long time ago I freaked out, now I know better that they're quite common

Still, unsettling to get one and already know before you translate it that it's about something so serious.

I went out and stocked up on some food & water just in case. 50% of people had a mask on walking around, but restaurants were full of people eating out together despite the warnings & holiday

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Just got this phone alert system warning about Corona virus in Seoul, South Korea

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Our tribal tendencies are so crazy... I don't follow or really care about Call of Duty esports in any way, this entire brand just recently came into existence, I'm sitting in Seoul halfway around the world, I won't watch this event, but found myself mindlessly watching this video and starting to swell with support like... TAKE IT TO EM RØKKR SHOW EM WHAT WE GOT

Awesome though that Minneapolis is playing host to this event!

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Now releasing: FediverseCast episode 4!

In this episode I talk about the time before I really got into the fediverse when I built a federated app architecture of my own & everything I learned doing so


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