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FINALLY the world can see Yasutaka Nakata in his true form, as I always have- a dual-wielding bullet time slowmo side flip video game action HERO

Most popular open source projects have a pretty homepage with docs that accompanies the repo for the project. Wonder if/when gitlab or github or someone will start to eat that side of it and offer a pretty landing page instead of readme... or use the readme to auto-generate some pretty landing page?

Absolutely stellar news about the future of competitive starcraft. I feared the worst coming into 2020 but this news is basically best case scenario as far as I'm concerned

Dude in the office next to me at the coworking space pretending to work but actually playing starcraft brood war is peak Korea and also my hero

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Hello Fediverse! After FAR too long of a break, I'm happy to share FediverseCast Episode 2!

I want to try for ~1 episode per week in 2020. In order to do that, the show is moving away from a primarily interview-style format to just me @kevinflo discussing topics solo

Hope you enjoy. Boosts appreciated! #podcast

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First! 😀 Only. 🤔

Welcome to the new TWiT Mastodon Instance! It's like Twitter but open, federated, and dedicated to TWiT Fans. My new handle is @leo - see you there!

I've successfully fully switched to Signal for messaging family and close friends, but reading this made me hopeful one day I'll get to go around and get all of them to switch to something else again. If matrix or something like it gets ready for prime time and normies I'd be more than happy to


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Relieved this trip to Seoul that for the first time I'm seeing a lot of people wearing proper n95 air quality masks instead of the useless filterless doctor style ones I'd seen in the past. Seems people are choosing health over fashion or maybe healthier masks have become fashion-acceptable

That said, the air quality problem is still quite depressing

Tried to listen to a new critically acclaimed pop album and made it 3 songs in before getting bored and switching back to perfume. I want to branch my listening back out but any pop that isn't yasutaka nakata prod. just feels boring/antiquated lately

On that note I'm still insanely salty I couldn't score tickets to the perfume dome tour despite a pretty ridiculous set of efforts to do so

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Things I wanna see in 2020: More than 5K servers, more than 5M users, more than 1M monthly active users, more artists and musicians, more journalists, and for more people to use the goddamn #caturday hashtag when posting cats on a saturday

Perfume's Reframe show must've been just amazing to see live. Rhizomatiks stuff (bringing AR to live concerts in particular) is just mind-blowing. Those stills look like works of art, not snaps from a show

Perfume as a creative force (and essentially the work of a collective of various types of artists) really is the exploration of the future of pop, and a huge part of that is... what is a live performance when the best pop music is impossible for humans to perform live?

I wonder if this is the coining of the term "funkwhale rap" 😂 @funkwhale

Signal iPad app is out and it’s great \o/

Two wish list features left for Signal for me are voice/video calls between non-phone linked devices (desktop/iPad) and pseudonyms or some other way to add without phone number

Last time catching some live starcraft this visit. Here's the link if you wanna watch along and maybe spot me in the crowd

Judging anecdotally it feels like Apple is going to sell a bazillion 16" macbook pros. I made it a week before I caved and put in an order. Online it seems like there was so much pent up demand tons of others are doing the same. Curious to see how the actual sales numbers end up as I feel like for the first time in a long time we'll actually see how big the prosumer mac laptop market is

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