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Perfume's Reframe show must've been just amazing to see live. Rhizomatiks stuff (bringing AR to live concerts in particular) is just mind-blowing. Those stills look like works of art, not snaps from a show

Perfume as a creative force (and essentially the work of a collective of various types of artists) really is the exploration of the future of pop, and a huge part of that is... what is a live performance when the best pop music is impossible for humans to perform live?

I wonder if this is the coining of the term "funkwhale rap" 😂 @funkwhale

Signal iPad app is out and it’s great \o/

Two wish list features left for Signal for me are voice/video calls between non-phone linked devices (desktop/iPad) and pseudonyms or some other way to add without phone number

Last time catching some live starcraft this visit. Here's the link if you wanna watch along and maybe spot me in the crowd

Judging anecdotally it feels like Apple is going to sell a bazillion 16" macbook pros. I made it a week before I caved and put in an order. Online it seems like there was so much pent up demand tons of others are doing the same. Curious to see how the actual sales numbers end up as I feel like for the first time in a long time we'll actually see how big the prosumer mac laptop market is

Nakata deep cut of the day: staring in disbelief at the breakthrough years of his discography again

Part of why I ramble/post about him so much is I truly believe at some point it will enter the global musical zeitgeist how unbelievable this was. I've used the analogy of J Dilla where he was at one point only highly regarded in his own genre but with time his legend grew & now any musician from any genre will tell you we're still following in his footsteps and learning lessons from what he did

Korean food in Korea is so amazing and cheap, but non-Korean food here is so frequently expensive and just... wrong. I'm eating "Vietnamese pork and rice" at a pricier restaurant and they dumped cinnamon sugar in it? So sweet I don't even wanna eat it. Thin-sliced strips of bad pork too

Really interesting haircut in Korea:
-Taped a plastic visor to my forehead so hair wouldn't fall on my face
-A floater assistant zipped between the chairs of everyone getting cuts. Brushed hairs off my face, handed things to the haircutter, shampooed me
-Got shampooed beforehand, but also after with a different cool minty shampoo
-Bizarre and quite painful scalp massage at the end, felt like she was almost ripping my hair out lol
-Very minimal chatter, almost none

20,000 KRW (17.14 USD)

Nakata deep cut of the day: Capsule - Adventure

Such a unique vibe... the first chorus doesn't hit until past halfway through a relatively long song- the patience and economy of melody make the chorus so satisfying even though it's quite simple 😊

True or not, nothing underscores the unbelievable value of the data they're soaking up via tik tok more than them being willing to play this card. Normally they'd bring the hammer down but here they truly care enough not to rock the boat and risk losing one of the great data firehoses of all time.

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Ban it. We're way too late in ditching the techno-utopian fantasy (was hard for me to shake it personally as well). We need the great firewall of America.

This is the ideal esports broadcast. You may not like it but this is what peak production looks like how did I never even pay attention to the themes of this album... Love that the perspective assumes the best about the listener, like he's saying if you care to listen to what I'm saying it's implied you believe in a positive sum world and that diversity = strength. That is assuming the "you" is the listener?

The album art alone should have clued me in what this album was getting at 😂

Lyrics aside I never realized what a fun arrangement this is either

kevinflo boosted has been upgraded to Mastodon v3.0.1 🎉 🎉

League of legends group stage about to start with FNC vs SKT I'm rooting for skt and faker in this first match but obviously TL overall

Also interesting the non-stop "free hong kong" spam in chat. Blizzard's cowardice really brought this into the global gaming zeitgeist

Since I posted this I keep thinking about how I'll never be able to comprehend the immensity of the privilege I have to be able to just flippantly post it and go about my day not having immediately endangered myself or my loved ones

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