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The Perfume fan discord is so shockingly fun to be a part of. Discussing nuances of Nakata writing predominantly from the female perspective and if we can even tell if his multi-decade lyrical output is good and theorizing about where he'll take his sound next... it's like a small and passionate group who actually totally 100% get the context and significance of this music and there's soooo much to dissect. Was so pleased to find that the nature of their interest is largely the same as mine

Got Patrick Partley's j-music livestream on while I code and they play this song and wow what a scorcher

Wow... slum village and j dilla performing live Never seen this before- listened to this album so many times it’s just unreal to see how much energy there was in the room live

I've had more concrete song ideas in the last ~3 weeks than in the last ~3 years. They're just pouring out of me. I feel like I spent the last 6-8 years in Nakata songwriting university and all at once a lot of his building blocks just clicked with me and I'm graduating because they're mixing with the punk/rock I used to write. I really want to get a trio together or record demos of them to see if they're any good but it's bad timing as I'm about to go out of town for quite a while

Strangely enough- desktop might be an even better target for this. Google themselves would be crazy not to do it, especially since the apple app store has been such a failure for so long. Chrome PWAs on mac are stellar with the exception of a few stray bugs. Shame google shot themselves in the foot by inexplicably eliminating the insane real estate they had with the chrome app store formerly living on the app dock on macOS

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The tech is far past ready for many applications. All that's missing is for it to be productized and for some major player to have immediate financial incentives in line with getting people used to installing PWAs. I feel like a critical component is for users to not even know that's what they're doing and for them to just think they're installing native apps

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I wonder what catalyst could spark progressive web apps becoming the default. Maybe some current android manufacturer wanting to escape google will make make a mobile OS where the "app store" is really just a browser built entirely around PWAs. I wonder if you could fork an existing android browser and do this- like a browser fork presented as f-droid but for PWAs

I've now worked at 5 different coworking spaces in Minneapolis, and all 5 have cleared out daily around 5pm. Rarely a single straggler. Having started my career in San Francisco this is still so bizarre for me

@carbontwelve Please add me to Digital Rights, Fediverse, Gaming, Linux, Makers, Mastodon Moderators, Music, Musicians, Technology, Travellers, Video Games.

Ubuntu 19.04 update: I didn't even realize it but multiple monitors can have independently controlled scaling factors! My 4k monitor is at 200% and my 1440p is at 125% :D :D :D :D

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I keep having the feeling that not posting on twitter/insta/tik tok/etc. is effectively a multi-year obliteration of countless professional and creative opportunities I'll never know would have existed. I keep feeling I need to go back, but 1. I currently just can't picture posting and 2. Just posting isn't enough anymore. The people bending themselves around what optimizes visibility on the platforms are seeing exponential returns while those that use it like normal people are being buried

It's an unfortunate phenomenon that the tech orgs that get closest to equitability tend to attract the audience that is most vicious when things aren't 100% perfect. Mozilla today is a perfect example of this. I'm guilty of it too (holding good tech to standards that are too high)... keeping them honest is great but it's all tradeoffs and sometimes they make a tough call for the right reasons

Nakata not-deep-cut of the day - his IG post from Rock in Japan

World of Fantasy and Flashback looked LITTT

I've been trying to change my twitch username from kevinflor to kevinflo for ~8 years now. I had created a account with that name and locked myself out of it. Contacted support once every few years to see if it could be done.

Today it just randomly worked ❓ 🎉❓ 🎉

Nakata deep cut of the day landing early today
Perfume - Imitation World
A reworking of his classic from probably about 15 yrs before. The old shibuya kei era changes sound so great with this era's production sound. That chorusssss 🤩

My 16.04 install got borked so I made the leap to 19.04... wow I'm shocked. So stellar. Fractional scaling (for one scaling at a time at least) is working great, graphics drivers good to go out-of-the-box, and the ubuntu software store has gotten so good I really didn't have to use anything else. Plus it's subjective but gnome right now is just... pretty.

Year of linux on the desktop???

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