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I've been trying to change my twitch username from kevinflor to kevinflo for ~8 years now. I had created a account with that name and locked myself out of it. Contacted support once every few years to see if it could be done.

Today it just randomly worked ❓ 🎉❓ 🎉

Nakata deep cut of the day landing early today
Perfume - Imitation World
A reworking of his classic from probably about 15 yrs before. The old shibuya kei era changes sound so great with this era's production sound. That chorusssss 🤩

My 16.04 install got borked so I made the leap to 19.04... wow I'm shocked. So stellar. Fractional scaling (for one scaling at a time at least) is working great, graphics drivers good to go out-of-the-box, and the ubuntu software store has gotten so good I really didn't have to use anything else. Plus it's subjective but gnome right now is just... pretty.

Year of linux on the desktop???

One of the biggest things that kept esports photography so compelling for the years I did it was the explosion of emotion at the end of an intense match. These players are in some of the most intense moments of their lives but can’t break concentration for a millisecond. The instant release when the game is over is overwhelming

Congrats go1 😭

I've thought for years that if spotify/soundcloud et all allowed tipping the entire music industry would be transformed overnight. I hope something pushes them towards this.

Techmeme has ninja going to mixer as the top story of the day and another story about faze clan counter suing tfue. We've reached this weird tipping point where gaming/esports news is just... news. Was fun watching that industry grow but it's definitely a big kid now

Such a cool and unique move by Skrillex to release his new songs using a screen cap of the actual Ableton project files as the video great tracks

Let's just go ahead and call these "The Nakata Changes"

Nagisa Cosmetic - Life Balance

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Massive news - is now on the main instance picker 🎉 🎉 🎉

Finally sent out tinyfed invites to the folks that dropped their email on the signup sheet at Open Streets on Sunday - if anyone signs up from that say hey!

RIP Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson, a pillar of the StarCraft community. Completely suddenly at just 33. I just can't believe it

Got over 30 email addresses. Feels like a big success to me. Was amazing that of the people that stopped to talk about it, about 80% of them gave me their email for an invite. People are really really receptive to alternatives.

Having a great time out at open streets Minneapolis talking to people about and the fediverse. People are friendly and receptive. Almost 20 email signups already!

Working on some scuffed signage for open streets Minneapolis tomorrow 🎉 🎉 🎉

DINKYTOWN HAS A PC BANG???! Dinkytown is like amazing now wtf?! There are so many cool new restaurants too geez I'm like shocked how much it has changed in just a few years.

Totally hyped to have found great Korean food in the twin cities. Both Sole Cafe and Kbop are A+

Open Streets MPLS will be Sunday 11am-5pm, and here's's confirmed booth location - Lake Street just north of Powderhorn Park between 12th and 13th. Hope to see you there!

My favorite mastodon client on all platforms is the progressive web app, for legitimate UX reasons. This is remarkable, and signals to me that we're at an inflection point. Developers, unbridled by the limitations of building for platforms they can't control, are pushing PWAs to new levels of being the sensible/obvious go-to choice

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