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My hours at work have been cut, I will have to start freelancing again or try to get more higher tier Patreon sponsors if I want to keep working on Pixelfed this much.

If you know anyone looking for a full stack laravel developer, let me know!

Patreon -

Open Collective -

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I just installed as a progressive web app on my iPhone and Macbook Air. Woo hoo. That's how progressive I am. will have a booth at Open Streets Minneapolis on the 21st! - This is something I've wanted to do as a low key way to just raise my flag and talk to people who may be interested in the fediverse but haven't heard of it

@firewally @divergentdave @Chelseaknits et all from - would love to have equal representation of other instances if anyone else is interested in sharing the booth with me - boosts appreciated!

I tend to buy way too many domains out of some irrational fear that someone will snatch it up if I don't. Almost bought one two days ago, but this time resisted.

Someone bought it just yesterday and started their blog on it

Enjoy the domain, - it's a good one :')

Every other viral youtube video seems to have something like this as the top comment lately. This was just a typical broad-appeal funny video that got swept up in the algos and had 1.6mil views. Average users are starting to become more aware of the extent to which their experience is on rails

Kind of like how stuck with me for years. Some of the coolest progressive writing isn't cool because it's a zillion notes, but instead because it's a slow, deliberate, careful sequence that defies your expectations. Like some mostly-blank modern art canvas with a splash of something jarring on it. Just a completely isolated interesting idea

About a year ago I figured this part of Dreamin Boy by Capsule out on guitar and I think it's one of the most interesting things Nakata ever did. A short sequence but so many subtle unexpected single note deviations that completely alter the chord and the whole context of where the sequence is going. So much of my guitar playing as a whole is now colored by concepts just in this one sequence

Rocking out at tonight's free concert in Bristol 🤘

Had a great week visiting family in RI

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Tinyfed has been upgraded from periodic manual offsite database backups to automatic daily offsite database backups 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

This is a big improvement and a key step in efforts to shore up the case that Tinyfed 100% belongs to be on the server picker.

Such a love fest going on for axe’s celebration stream <3

Can’t believe the madman actually wonnnnnn

Finally replaced my car speakers. was the final straw for this speaker. Nakata strikes again!

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Tinyfed has been updated to mastodon v2.9.0 🎉 🎉 🎉

Absolutely thrilled with mastodon's new single column layout. If you've logged into Tinyfed sometime in the last 30 days, head to settings, uncheck "Enable advanced web interface" and click the save changes button at the bottom to enable it

Compared to ByteDance, Facebook will look like Mozilla

Tik Tok is taking over and we should all be absolutely terrified

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