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Finally replaced my car speakers. was the final straw for this speaker. Nakata strikes again!

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Tinyfed has been updated to mastodon v2.9.0 🎉 🎉 🎉

Absolutely thrilled with mastodon's new single column layout. If you've logged into Tinyfed sometime in the last 30 days, head to settings, uncheck "Enable advanced web interface" and click the save changes button at the bottom to enable it

Compared to ByteDance, Facebook will look like Mozilla

Tik Tok is taking over and we should all be absolutely terrified

omfg there's a twitch for VTubers and the parent company is the one who produces KMNZ videos

My mind is blown. They're called "VTubers" and there's a whole landscape. They have AR game streamers and AR game streamers who are *the characters from the game playing the game* and the Ibaraki prefectural government officially uses "Hiyori Ibara" as a VTuber ambassador for tourism - and Kizuna AI does official campaigns for SoftBank and the Japan National Tourism Organization

The west is 2000 and late with lil miquela while japan is livin in 2119 with Kizuna AI and KMNZ

I'm completely fascinated by AR influencers. Hatsune miku was like a precursor but going forward this could become a default/genre. What if there was a pixar that didn't make movies, but just characters with a never ending stream of AR content- apps, filters, MVs, merch, projected live performances, etc.

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Yo! My girlfriend and I just completed an app for making bets with friends! Check it out for Android here:

In the coworking space I'm in, from overheard conversations it seems > 50% of the work being done here is predicated on existing economic bubbles (primarily real estate) continuing to bloat for the next 5+ years

I can't even imagine the ride we're in for this go around if things get rocky

In general I really dig ubuntu 18.04 and gnome but with my home setup being a mix between a 1440p monitor and a 4k one, unity/16.04 is a pretty clear step ahead with the out of the box ability to scale OS UI elements differently on each display as well as do fractional scaling. Only missing link is window contents still have to conform on both monitors to one of those scale factors. Irksome but passable. Will stick with this for now

My favorite identical-album-name-sorting-bug flub is how every time I listen to polyrhythm (a lot) I'm also treated to dragon attack by Queen 🤟

Unsurprisingly, both of those are starting to pop up en masse

This is all still the byproduct of big picture growth and advancement for webapp development but this growth phase has gotten awkward enough sometimes I feel we won't move past it without completely different approaches or serious ML/AI-based assistance for dev teams

Javascript fatigue is vastly overblown, but even I succumb to bouts of it. Wanna do something simple like a callback after routing?
onEnter is deprecated, so do a HOC and wrap every single possible destination. Wait, componentWillMount is deprecated. Wait, hooks are replacing HOC. Wait, that still fundamentally feels like a bad pattern. It can feel like half the time I'm just trying to remember which rugs are being pulled out from underneath the patterns I'm learning

It's actually mind-blowing to watch Microsoft corner open source software communities so rapidly and for developers largely to cheer them on every step of the way. How is it even possible that alarm bells are not going off? How have we still learned nothing?

The masses are lost, and the battle is only over- to which hell.

This is why alternatives like the fediverse are so critical. Spaces with small impassioned groups of people who exercise their agency and interface with technology that competes not over how well it grabs attention, but with how well it aligns with their values

These spaces will not appeal to the most people, but they will be very important

With tik tok as the #1 app store app 3 months running, China's hyper centralization is winning (and devouring lax phone permissions on a global scale) even with western tech largely still unbridled by competent or meaningful regulation

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