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New PC day! Open box microcenter deal means I'm retiring my 4+ yr old one (gtx970) with a new gtx2080/8700k. Finally can hit max settings on those AAA titles

To those from the meetup who doubted... my baby is flourishing, stylish pin and all ❤️🌿❤️🌿❤️🌿

Also a perfect example of how google going all in on RCS when it lacks end-to-end encryption is so unforgivable

A baker's dozen of y'all signed up and I love ya for it. Thanks for helping me get the ball rolling with

It's crystal clear that more needs to be done to encourage new mastodon users to find people to follow and stick around, but regardless people are at least interested enough to register which is so cool. A fine start if you ask me!


Of all the signups so far from the instance launching today, literally none of them followed anyone. Onboarding is a colossal, behemoth, showstopper level unsolved problem in the fediverse at the moment.

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The launch explainer video is live on my old social media profiles. Anyone joining, be sure to find 5-10 accounts to follow or else you won't see new posts and it won't be interesting. Maybe find one person you think is interesting and follow some people they follow. is a directory of some accounts on the fediverse grouped by interest

Also tomorrow morning I plan to "launch" tinyfed! For now this basically just amounts to me posting the following explainer video on my currently dormant social media profiles and seeing if anyone is interested. LMK if you have any feedback on the video or the concept for the instance

Tinyfed is now on mastodon v2.8.2 🎉🎉🎉

Adam Neely’s new video with sax player/bandleader Patrick Bartley is such a perfect synopsis of the very `music/composition nerd` place my love for Nakata’s music and Japanese music in general comes from

Loved the mayday festivities at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis!

Just linked my to this account... very nifty that it works but I'm unconvinced keybase is the best way to solve the problems it's trying to solve. Social graph construction/identity are extremely unsolved problem in the fediverse. Dunno know how this gets solved in an elegant way without centralization. Tough to compete with a world where your @ on insta is the end-all-be-all for a digital point of contact. How/when could a fediverse account be given verbally to a new acquaintance?

I hope that in my lifetime I'll get to describe to a child that we used to let human beings manually drive cars around at highway speed and they'll think what I'm describing sounds absolutely insane.

DAOKO is great. Glad nakata did a collab with her or else I never woulda seen her stuff

Nakata's Madeon remix was probably one of the slowest burns I've ever had for being into one of his songs. Used to be completely indifferent & thought it ended up a bit awkward but now I think it's just *brilliant*

And yeah, just cuz I'm on tinyfed now doesn't mean I'm done spamming about nakata :)

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