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DAOKO is great. Glad nakata did a collab with her or else I never woulda seen her stuff

Nakata's Madeon remix was probably one of the slowest burns I've ever had for being into one of his songs. Used to be completely indifferent & thought it ended up a bit awkward but now I think it's just *brilliant*

And yeah, just cuz I'm on tinyfed now doesn't mean I'm done spamming about nakata :)

Watching GSL Starcraft live in studio today! Tune in here, matches start in 5min

Closest I've seen to what I envision is which is a really cool similar/related project.

Still such a crying shame the twitter bridge can't work. - Funny that this is a crystal clear example of why the fediverse is so necessary in the first place

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Soon I want to put in real legwork to get critical mass of people on this instance, but I'm not really comfortable doing that with the stock mastodon onboarding experience. Most important, need to build real assistance for new users to find people to follow. Hopefully can build something instance-independent that any instance owner in the fediverse can point new users to.

I've seen a few things like this popping up and I think the time is ripe for it

Live demo at

Amazing that so much software development is done locally in 2019. Heaps of advancement just sitting there waiting for the right tools

I know food pictures are in one sense an inane thing to post on a brand new instance, but being able to order a huge healthy meal (made fresh in minutes) for $7 from a touch screen at a 24hr restaurant says so much about how convenient Seoul is. So great for health, economics, time management, etc. Really positively affects your day-to-day

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