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Our tribal tendencies are so crazy... I don't follow or really care about Call of Duty esports in any way, this entire brand just recently came into existence, I'm sitting in Seoul halfway around the world, I won't watch this event, but found myself mindlessly watching this video and starting to swell with support like... TAKE IT TO EM RØKKR SHOW EM WHAT WE GOT

Awesome though that Minneapolis is playing host to this event!

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Now releasing: FediverseCast episode 4!

In this episode I talk about the time before I really got into the fediverse when I built a federated app architecture of my own & everything I learned doing so


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This being the year of no-code hype that's basically all I see. Airtable is closed source sql. Webflow is closed source frontend + git. It's like we're going to completely transcend the need for something git-like before something built for humans ever replaces git

Tools as foundational as SQL and git are completely unusable to all but an insane few. Even those that use them use only a sliver of their functionality. The fact that these tools are so unquestioned as the defactos only underscores the unimaginable amount of money sitting there waiting to be made by replacing them with closed source software made unavoidable by network effects. Big tech is gonna do it or buy the ones that do so fast our heads will spin

Google is breaking sheets-as-a-db and an entire scene of indie makers is learning the golden rule:

*never build on someone else's platform*

@unklebonehead on my end looks like a one-sided conversation. Socialhome bug maybe?

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Now releasing: FediverseCast episode 3!

In this episode I talk about how the Fediverse doesn't actually solve any of social media's problems... but how it might!


@firewally IMO on the creation side, low barrier to entry so more interesting stuff being made than ever. On the distribution side, big tech + streaming + algos = rich get richer and all ears are on the most popular despite explosion of long tail of content. Luckily the top end of pop music is the most interesting of any decade. Balance of power shifted away from USA/english in taste-making (TikTok picking the biggest #1 hits of all time) and content (global Kpop takeover, latin megahits etc).

@ericflo writing out to-dos is how I stay sane. Otherwise my brain just cycles through them endlessly trying not to forget one and it stresses me out.

GLHF with the apartment... any move is a beast and this one will be next-level

kevinflo boosted how did I never even pay attention to the themes of this album... Love that the perspective assumes the best about the listener, like he's saying if you care to listen to what I'm saying it's implied you believe in a positive sum world and that diversity = strength. That is assuming the "you" is the listener?

The album art alone should have clued me in what this album was getting at 😂

Lyrics aside I never realized what a fun arrangement this is either

(sadly, the commissioned song he produced for this video game tie-in is probably his blandest in a decade)

FINALLY the world can see Yasutaka Nakata in his true form, as I always have- a dual-wielding bullet time slowmo side flip video game action HERO

@sivy This further underscores the awkward spot CW is in. I only ever see it used as a tag/title or even comedic/sarcastic commentary on the content of the toot. The comedic CWs are always cryptic, the implication being that you’re supposed to expand it to get the joke, which is ironically the opposite of the original intent of the feature. Was all confusing when I joined. Wonder if there’s a way to support the emergent user behavior while still respecting real actual content warnings on toots

@david true, but I'm thinking like to actually supplant what you see when you first visit the repo on github/gitlab

Most popular open source projects have a pretty homepage with docs that accompanies the repo for the project. Wonder if/when gitlab or github or someone will start to eat that side of it and offer a pretty landing page instead of readme... or use the readme to auto-generate some pretty landing page?

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