The masses are lost, and the battle is only over- to which hell.

This is why alternatives like the fediverse are so critical. Spaces with small impassioned groups of people who exercise their agency and interface with technology that competes not over how well it grabs attention, but with how well it aligns with their values

These spaces will not appeal to the most people, but they will be very important

With tik tok as the #1 app store app 3 months running, China's hyper centralization is winning (and devouring lax phone permissions on a global scale) even with western tech largely still unbridled by competent or meaningful regulation

Everyone's hating on Sheryl Sandberg for what she said today, but I've been puzzled waiting for someone to publicly and loudly say it. I thought it would be some journalist or politician, not a big tech COO.

The pushback she's getting just looks like people not wanting to deal with reality

@c0debabe SwiftKey is great if you're down with Microsoft owning your phone keyboard

@Gargron I sent one for - any way to know if the application is successful etc? Haven't heard back but it looks like the new server picker is live

@Mastodon Fingers crossed's submission goes through 🤞

But I'm worried about lack of recourse in the case it doesn't. This is an awful lot of centralized power for the approvers to have

Still loving the J-music ensemble's perfume covers. Nakata's jazz influence comes out so strong with that instrumentation and the vocal parts are a perfect fit for a horn section. As stellar as they are, it makes me want even more fleshed out ones with more of the crazy harmonies represented

Well I have literally zero idea what could get people not currently on the fediverse to join to check it out, but time to start having fun throwing things at the wall in my free time and seeing what sticks

Step one feels like it might be to start posting fediverse-related content *outside* of the fediverse, so I made socials for Tinyfed where I can do that

New PC day! Open box microcenter deal means I'm retiring my 4+ yr old one (gtx970) with a new gtx2080/8700k. Finally can hit max settings on those AAA titles

To those from the meetup who doubted... my baby is flourishing, stylish pin and all ❤️🌿❤️🌿❤️🌿

Also a perfect example of how google going all in on RCS when it lacks end-to-end encryption is so unforgivable

A baker's dozen of y'all signed up and I love ya for it. Thanks for helping me get the ball rolling with

It's crystal clear that more needs to be done to encourage new mastodon users to find people to follow and stick around, but regardless people are at least interested enough to register which is so cool. A fine start if you ask me!


Of all the signups so far from the instance launching today, literally none of them followed anyone. Onboarding is a colossal, behemoth, showstopper level unsolved problem in the fediverse at the moment.

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