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Well we had one afk and another with a 1300 ping so obviously we lost but these are the zilean bombs dreams are made of... will have a booth at Open Streets Minneapolis on the 21st! - This is something I've wanted to do as a low key way to just raise my flag and talk to people who may be interested in the fediverse but haven't heard of it

@firewally @divergentdave @Chelseaknits et all from - would love to have equal representation of other instances if anyone else is interested in sharing the booth with me - boosts appreciated!

Every other viral youtube video seems to have something like this as the top comment lately. This was just a typical broad-appeal funny video that got swept up in the algos and had 1.6mil views. Average users are starting to become more aware of the extent to which their experience is on rails

About a year ago I figured this part of Dreamin Boy by Capsule out on guitar and I think it's one of the most interesting things Nakata ever did. A short sequence but so many subtle unexpected single note deviations that completely alter the chord and the whole context of where the sequence is going. So much of my guitar playing as a whole is now colored by concepts just in this one sequence

Rocking out at tonight's free concert in Bristol 🤘

Had a great week visiting family in RI

Finally replaced my car speakers. was the final straw for this speaker. Nakata strikes again!

My favorite identical-album-name-sorting-bug flub is how every time I listen to polyrhythm (a lot) I'm also treated to dragon attack by Queen 🤟

New PC day! Open box microcenter deal means I'm retiring my 4+ yr old one (gtx970) with a new gtx2080/8700k. Finally can hit max settings on those AAA titles

To those from the meetup who doubted... my baby is flourishing, stylish pin and all ❤️🌿❤️🌿❤️🌿

A baker's dozen of y'all signed up and I love ya for it. Thanks for helping me get the ball rolling with

It's crystal clear that more needs to be done to encourage new mastodon users to find people to follow and stick around, but regardless people are at least interested enough to register which is so cool. A fine start if you ask me!


Loved the mayday festivities at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis!

I know food pictures are in one sense an inane thing to post on a brand new instance, but being able to order a huge healthy meal (made fresh in minutes) for $7 from a touch screen at a 24hr restaurant says so much about how convenient Seoul is. So great for health, economics, time management, etc. Really positively affects your day-to-day

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