TIL older school Chinese food restaurants in Korea deliver food with actual plastic plates meant to be returned. They also hire their own staff to do the delivery and retrieval. After eating you set the plates outside your door in a bag and they come pick it up. This was already normal way before most other delivery food got popular, so it's ingrained to the point where modern delivery apps (like Baedal Minjok) accommodate it and let restaurants elect to use their own staff and do this

People talk about wework in the past tense like it's gone, but even now they have some insane digs downtown Seoul. When I see their locations like this around here I always wonder what the state of things is for the company and how this is gonna play out

wow half my day to get letsencrypt and cloudflare to play nicely together was fun

I finally got around to watching the performance from the end of this (I had fallen asleep)

WOW. Rhizomatiks is doing such insane work right now with CG + live performance. I spent some time just pausing on different frames in some of the insane special effects and every frame was like it's own work of art

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Imagine this being your discography and you're not done making legendary albums yet

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Hades is the most fun I've had with a new game in ages. First clear on my 31st attempt. 3 extra dashes + Poseidon dash was OP

pokimane went vtuber twitch.tv/pokimane

By a million miles she's the biggest streamer (at least in the USA) to have tried this & it's kind of groundbreaking. tbh I think we're going to see this a lot more. The weight of being a public figure online is crushing, having something to hide behind makes total sense. Branded avatars have potential even beyond the brand of the actual creator. There are tons of super practical reasons for more creators to at least start experimenting with this

The cool kid way to write code in 2020

(Note, the setup actually works powered purely off the phone too! Also cool that when on the battery pack it trickle charges the phone)

WOW, it's all really there. Most of the rest of the major works of Yasutaka Nakata are live on your music streaming service of choice (Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu albums were up already). One of the most impressive discographies in history.

Ok, now dig in and start listening and join me in trying to even wrap your brain around the fact that a single person wrote & produced all these albums in 20 years

Nakata deep cut of the day (filmed months ago and I forgot). Perfume - Voice

The chords in even just the opening moments are so rich. The song also recycles this vocal part over completely different chords in the chorus which makes it that much cooler


Talk about prolific... been obsessed with this dude's music for like 8 years now and still finding entire albums I didn't know he had a hand in!

Just got this phone alert system warning about Corona virus in Seoul, South Korea

I wonder if this is the coining of the term "funkwhale rap" 😂 @funkwhale

Nakata deep cut of the day: staring in disbelief at the breakthrough years of his discography again

Part of why I ramble/post about him so much is I truly believe at some point it will enter the global musical zeitgeist how unbelievable this was. I've used the analogy of J Dilla where he was at one point only highly regarded in his own genre but with time his legend grew & now any musician from any genre will tell you we're still following in his footsteps and learning lessons from what he did

True or not, nothing underscores the unbelievable value of the data they're soaking up via tik tok more than them being willing to play this card. Normally they'd bring the hammer down but here they truly care enough not to rock the boat and risk losing one of the great data firehoses of all time.

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