I've been trying to change my twitch username from kevinflor to kevinflo for ~8 years now. I had created a justin.tv account with that name and locked myself out of it. Contacted support once every few years to see if it could be done.

Today it just randomly worked ❓ πŸŽ‰β“ πŸŽ‰

Let's just go ahead and call these "The Nakata Changes"

Nagisa Cosmetic - Life Balance youtube.com/watch?v=cwFB6zFy4h

RIP Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson, a pillar of the StarCraft community. Completely suddenly at just 33. I just can't believe it

Having a great time out at open streets Minneapolis talking to people about tinyfed.com and the fediverse. People are friendly and receptive. Almost 20 email signups already!

Working on some scuffed signage for open streets Minneapolis tomorrow πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Totally hyped to have found great Korean food in the twin cities. Both Sole Cafe and Kbop are A+

Open Streets MPLS will be Sunday 11am-5pm, and here's tinyfed.com's confirmed booth location - Lake Street just north of Powderhorn Park between 12th and 13th. Hope to see you there!


Well we had one afk and another with a 1300 ping so obviously we lost but these are the zilean bombs dreams are made of...

Tinyfed.com will have a booth at Open Streets Minneapolis on the 21st! - This is something I've wanted to do as a low key way to just raise my flag and talk to people who may be interested in the fediverse but haven't heard of it openstreetsmpls.org/lake_minne

@firewally @divergentdave @Chelseaknits et all from mspsocial.net - would love to have equal representation of other instances if anyone else is interested in sharing the booth with me - boosts appreciated!

Every other viral youtube video seems to have something like this as the top comment lately. This was just a typical broad-appeal funny video that got swept up in the algos and had 1.6mil views. Average users are starting to become more aware of the extent to which their experience is on rails

About a year ago I figured this part of Dreamin Boy by Capsule out on guitar and I think it's one of the most interesting things Nakata ever did. A short sequence but so many subtle unexpected single note deviations that completely alter the chord and the whole context of where the sequence is going. So much of my guitar playing as a whole is now colored by concepts just in this one sequence

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