Socialhome's Missed Opportunity

Don't get me wrong here. This isn't a "bash" on #Socialhome. But I think there is a major missed opportunity for them in the marketing department. From everything I've read it's been billed as a "home for all your social media". With it's ability to harness the power of the fediverse and interact with users from other social networks, to those of us who are already familiar with the concept, can be rather mundane. But to the general public who don't know, the concept can be rather life changing. I see the ability to make it your own personal website much more enticing to the general public. So lets take a closer look at what I see is major potential for this bit of the #fediverse.

The Scenario

I'll do this from my point of view since thats what I am familiar with. So lets pretend that I just started podcasting and I'm really getting some passion for it. I obviously need a webaite. So I go to hostgator or some other random web host and get some WordPress hosting. Pay for a domain and start the website. Now I'm really starting to feel the passion for podcasting and want to start another podcast and then another, and so on and get the idea. Now I'm up to my eyeballs with domains, keeping show notes and podcast episodes in the right places, etc.

It gets monotonous and starts one down a spiral that could make you lose the passion you had for creating content because your time is consumed with maintaining the current content.

Socialhome is the solution

Now if I had started the site by getting some simple VPS and installed Socialhome and pinned some posts for the obligatory about and subscribe pages of a classic website and just created content I wouldn't have to create accounts on all those social networks because the followers would already be notified.

But what about the different podcasts?

Well since you are the admin of your Socialhome you could just make each of those podcasts their own user. So in my case would be my website. When someone lands there they would see my pinned content.They would see

But I do multiple podcasts and each of those podcasts would be their own user.

These are not real, yet. So don't try to follow them

Each of those would be followable all across the #fediverse and followers would get the specific content they want. And BOOM just like that you have a podcast network website that you can be interactive with your fans from anywhere.

Now, just substitute blogger, musician, artist, band, public speaker, activist or record label for podcaster.

Are you seeing my point yet?

Yes I know the Fediverse isn't that big.

But it's growing in leaps and bounds. But if "regular" people start landing on a "website" and realize it's actually a self hosted social network and they can follow and interact with the content creator from another social media network this will change.

Now combine all that with what #Funkwhale has got coming for podcasting and I think it would put a serious hurt to some of these big "providers" when people realize that they can keep their privacy and data secure and still get what they desire.

Thank you to all of the developers of the Fediverse. You are making the world a better place one step at a time!

That's what I'm wanting to achieve as well!

Shebang! Have a safe ride. Not to rub it in but I'm loving this local thing, lol!

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@unklebonehead on my end looks like a one-sided conversation. Socialhome bug maybe?

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