I grew up learning/thinking about popular music in terms of decades: how did music change from the 60s to the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc.

How would you compare music of the "aughts" (2000-2009) vs the "teens" (2010-2019)? I've got a few ideas, but I'm curious what my friends think


@firewally IMO on the creation side, low barrier to entry so more interesting stuff being made than ever. On the distribution side, big tech + streaming + algos = rich get richer and all ears are on the most popular despite explosion of long tail of content. Luckily the top end of pop music is the most interesting of any decade. Balance of power shifted away from USA/english in taste-making (TikTok picking the biggest #1 hits of all time) and content (global Kpop takeover, latin megahits etc).

@kevinflo I’m definitely behind on non-English music, but it’s cool that other markets are starting to gain a more even footing.

I feel like we’re getting close to a world without a “mainstream”, but with 1000 different genres all with their own “stars”

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