I'm working on code to cross-post to mastodon from my blog and wondering which options make sense?


@sivy This further underscores the awkward spot CW is in. I only ever see it used as a tag/title or even comedic/sarcastic commentary on the content of the toot. The comedic CWs are always cryptic, the implication being that you’re supposed to expand it to get the joke, which is ironically the opposite of the original intent of the feature. Was all confusing when I joined. Wonder if there’s a way to support the emergent user behavior while still respecting real actual content warnings on toots

@kevinflo agreed. I like the idea of CW, and I don't mind it being used as a subject either, I think the biggest confusion is in the UI, though the API calls it "spoiler text" lol.

Simplify the communication that this is a subject/topic and can be used for a title, subject, or content warning depending on the need.

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