Perfume's remastered retrospective P^3 is live on Spotify

Crazy that you can take 1/3 of Yasutaka Nakata's creative output (his work for Perfume) and it's still one of the greatest discographies in pop music history. 50 tracks isn't even close to enough, so much gets left out. Cool though that some early Complete Best era stuff got remastered. You can really hear the difference in tracks like Computer City. Not sure which I prefer but cool to hear another take


Wow, what a whirlwind tour of someone pioneering just about every advancement in electronic music production for the last 20 years. It's like when you hear Within You Without you after I Wanna Hold Your Hand and you're like... wtf happened in music and culture in such a short time for these to be lined up next to each other?

Polyrhythm really does stand out tho. Before that you hear A+ drowning-in-harmonies bubblegum J-pop. Once you hit Polyrhythm though you're in completely uncharted territory

How does a pop song as perfect as Love the World even exist

First electro-pop song ever to go #1 in Japan for a reason

And maybe I'm just gonna spam post perfume hot takes all day. Only time they'll ever drop a career-spanning retrospective like this so why not!

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Natural Ni Koishite is one of those tracks that is completely 100% unlike any other song I've ever heard period. Tracks like that are my favorite of his where they're like an island in his career and you can hear elements of them elsewhere but that particular flavor and combination only happened once. The glitchy production and the insanely complex chord sequences occur elsewhere but the actual principles of the composition and that combination of the two are novel

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In its first 30 seconds, Voice has more interesting composition ideas than most songwriters entire careers

To multiply the complexity, that melody is reused in the choruses with completely different chords underneath. Just wow

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Spice too. Completely unique in composition and production, never heard anything like it before or since from Nakata or anyone else. Modulation jungle gym. All the eras are cool but JPN probably my favorite album

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You just never stop hearing new things. The stereo panned low vocals in sweet refrain verse 2 took me till now to hear and it's a cool idea to put them there

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