I wonder what catalyst could spark progressive web apps becoming the default. Maybe some current android manufacturer wanting to escape google will make make a mobile OS where the "app store" is really just a browser built entirely around PWAs. I wonder if you could fork an existing android browser and do this- like a browser fork presented as f-droid but for PWAs


The tech is far past ready for many applications. All that's missing is for it to be productized and for some major player to have immediate financial incentives in line with getting people used to installing PWAs. I feel like a critical component is for users to not even know that's what they're doing and for them to just think they're installing native apps

Strangely enough- desktop might be an even better target for this. Google themselves would be crazy not to do it, especially since the apple app store has been such a failure for so long. Chrome PWAs on mac are stellar with the exception of a few stray bugs. Shame google shot themselves in the foot by inexplicably eliminating the insane real estate they had with the chrome app store formerly living on the app dock on macOS

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