The west is 2000 and late with lil miquela while japan is livin in 2119 with Kizuna AI and KMNZ

I'm completely fascinated by AR influencers. Hatsune miku was like a precursor but going forward this could become a default/genre. What if there was a pixar that didn't make movies, but just characters with a never ending stream of AR content- apps, filters, MVs, merch, projected live performances, etc.

My mind is blown. They're called "VTubers" and there's a whole landscape. They have AR game streamers and AR game streamers who are *the characters from the game playing the game* and the Ibaraki prefectural government officially uses "Hiyori Ibara" as a VTuber ambassador for tourism - and Kizuna AI does official campaigns for SoftBank and the Japan National Tourism Organization

omfg there's a twitch for VTubers and the parent company is the one who produces KMNZ videos

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