Everyone's hating on Sheryl Sandberg for what she said today, but I've been puzzled waiting for someone to publicly and loudly say it. I thought it would be some journalist or politician, not a big tech COO.

The pushback she's getting just looks like people not wanting to deal with reality

With tik tok as the #1 app store app 3 months running, China's hyper centralization is winning (and devouring lax phone permissions on a global scale) even with western tech largely still unbridled by competent or meaningful regulation


The masses are lost, and the battle is only over- to which hell.

This is why alternatives like the fediverse are so critical. Spaces with small impassioned groups of people who exercise their agency and interface with technology that competes not over how well it grabs attention, but with how well it aligns with their values

These spaces will not appeal to the most people, but they will be very important

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