Just linked my to this account... very nifty that it works but I'm unconvinced keybase is the best way to solve the problems it's trying to solve. Social graph construction/identity are extremely unsolved problem in the fediverse. Dunno know how this gets solved in an elegant way without centralization. Tough to compete with a world where your @ on insta is the end-all-be-all for a digital point of contact. How/when could a fediverse account be given verbally to a new acquaintance?

@kevinflo the way I look at it, keybase is kind of like certificate transparency, but for GPG certificates and social media account attestations, with the big differences that there's only one such server, and no one is running an independent auditor on their append-only log yet

@kevinflo as far as Mastodon is concerned, <a rel="me" ...> is already enough to prove ownership, which is pretty cool, keybase is way more heavyweight so that it can give you cryptographic security, audibility, etc.

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