@ti woot, the server is working!

I need to improve the onboarding flow... it should introduce new users to cool people to follow etc.

@dansup some clear inspiration on that one 😉

Really I like the -fed suffix for fediverse projects more than the masto- or fedi- prefixes, so I just plugged `ends with fed` into leandomainsearch.com and tinyfed was the best I saw. Honestly I still tried for like 2 weeks to find a better name ("pixelfed" is soo much better because pixel is a noun not an adjective... and catchier) but couldn't find anything. In the end, decided names don't matter so much anyways and just went with it. Good enough

@kevinflo Nice, it's a good and memorable name. Are you still doing FediverseCast? I've been practicing for it since October 😁

@dansup I'd really like to yeah! It'll be a *when the stars align* thing instead of regular but I'll be back in the states (where my mic setup is) later this month. If you're free the weekend of the 30th that'd be perfect, otherwise we can work out some other date in the future.

@kevinflo Could we do it in April, sometime near the 1 year anniversary of pixelfed? That would be awesome!

@dansup would have to be in the evening (central time) but if that works for you, works for me 👍

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