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(If you listened to the last fediversecast, this is exactly the type of noisy low-value post I’ve historically refrained from posting. Lately I’m experimenting with just letting it fly)

It's 2020 and I'm still waiting for holding a tablet computing device to stop feeling like I'm in an impossible future

This being the year of no-code hype that's basically all I see. Airtable is closed source sql. Webflow is closed source frontend + git. It's like we're going to completely transcend the need for something git-like before something built for humans ever replaces git

Tools as foundational as SQL and git are completely unusable to all but an insane few. Even those that use them use only a sliver of their functionality. The fact that these tools are so unquestioned as the defactos only underscores the unimaginable amount of money sitting there waiting to be made by replacing them with closed source software made unavoidable by network effects. Big tech is gonna do it or buy the ones that do so fast our heads will spin

Google is breaking sheets-as-a-db and an entire scene of indie makers is learning the golden rule:

*never build on someone else's platform*

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Now releasing: FediverseCast episode 3!

In this episode I talk about how the Fediverse doesn't actually solve any of social media's problems... but how it might!


kevinflo boosted how did I never even pay attention to the themes of this album... Love that the perspective assumes the best about the listener, like he's saying if you care to listen to what I'm saying it's implied you believe in a positive sum world and that diversity = strength. That is assuming the "you" is the listener?

The album art alone should have clued me in what this album was getting at 😂

Lyrics aside I never realized what a fun arrangement this is either

(sadly, the commissioned song he produced for this video game tie-in is probably his blandest in a decade)

FINALLY the world can see Yasutaka Nakata in his true form, as I always have- a dual-wielding bullet time slowmo side flip video game action HERO

Most popular open source projects have a pretty homepage with docs that accompanies the repo for the project. Wonder if/when gitlab or github or someone will start to eat that side of it and offer a pretty landing page instead of readme... or use the readme to auto-generate some pretty landing page?

Absolutely stellar news about the future of competitive starcraft. I feared the worst coming into 2020 but this news is basically best case scenario as far as I'm concerned

Dude in the office next to me at the coworking space pretending to work but actually playing starcraft brood war is peak Korea and also my hero

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Hello Fediverse! After FAR too long of a break, I'm happy to share FediverseCast Episode 2!

I want to try for ~1 episode per week in 2020. In order to do that, the show is moving away from a primarily interview-style format to just me @kevinflo discussing topics solo

Hope you enjoy. Boosts appreciated! #podcast

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First! 😀 Only. 🤔

Welcome to the new TWiT Mastodon Instance! It's like Twitter but open, federated, and dedicated to TWiT Fans. My new handle is @leo - see you there!

I've successfully fully switched to Signal for messaging family and close friends, but reading this made me hopeful one day I'll get to go around and get all of them to switch to something else again. If matrix or something like it gets ready for prime time and normies I'd be more than happy to


Relieved this trip to Seoul that for the first time I'm seeing a lot of people wearing proper n95 air quality masks instead of the useless filterless doctor style ones I'd seen in the past. Seems people are choosing health over fashion or maybe healthier masks have become fashion-acceptable

That said, the air quality problem is still quite depressing

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