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I also created another tool which helps you use mastodon's followed accounts export csv to generate a list of feeds to import into mozilla thunderbird to folllow via RSS/atom

You can export your followed accounts list from

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๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ This is an announcement to inform all users that this instance will be shutting down permanently one month from today (March 24th) ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ

You can move your followers to an account on another instance using Mastodon's account migration tool

You also can export your data from & I have additionally written a tool to assist in ingesting your post history into any wordpress site

I apologize for any inconvenience

Yes, tear down the "classics" and rebuild our relationship with history from scratch. The real lessons of real history are too critical to keep running in circles with these destructive myths for more generations

We especially need to break our bizarre focus on this arbitrary temporal/geographic slice. Our lens needs to expand in time frame and be global for discourse to even start making any sense

Lately my position on moral/political grey area questions has been boiling down to: "well personally I'm not quite sure... but it's a clear violation of starfleet regulation so hard no"

Making something new on the internet in 2021 and I'm perpetually incapable of identifying which is the waste of time between building things myself and navigating the labyrinth of options to not build things myself

VR live music performances are becoming a thing in passionate niche communities and the current technical solutions for them are struggling to even contain it. So interesting this comes at the same time that Wave is pivoting away from them

TIL older school Chinese food restaurants in Korea deliver food with actual plastic plates meant to be returned. They also hire their own staff to do the delivery and retrieval. After eating you set the plates outside your door in a bag and they come pick it up. This was already normal way before most other delivery food got popular, so it's ingrained to the point where modern delivery apps (like Baedal Minjok) accommodate it and let restaurants elect to use their own staff and do this

People talk about wework in the past tense like it's gone, but even now they have some insane digs downtown Seoul. When I see their locations like this around here I always wonder what the state of things is for the company and how this is gonna play out

Nakata deep cut of the day:
Capsule - Keep Hope Alive

Serious bass... one of the two Nakata songs responsible for actually blowing speakers out in my old car ๐Ÿคญ

Revisiting Dylan for the first time in forever on the news he sold his catalog. Early stuff doesn't connect like it used to to the point where Modern Times seems like my fave era now. Funny how things change

Sometimes there's a truly novel idea in the cryptocurrency space that reminds you... for all the BS and hype and vaporware and carbon emissions there could be something that actually gets adopted and is worthwhile and makes cool meaningful positive change. I never feel like *this is it* but instead like a hint that someday something cool could be coming after all

Been enjoying the McCartney II music video drops ahead of the McCartney III release

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