Ban it. We're way too late in ditching the techno-utopian fantasy (was hard for me to shake it personally as well). We need the great firewall of America.

This is the ideal esports broadcast. You may not like it but this is what peak production looks like how did I never even pay attention to the themes of this album... Love that the perspective assumes the best about the listener, like he's saying if you care to listen to what I'm saying it's implied you believe in a positive sum world and that diversity = strength. That is assuming the "you" is the listener?

The album art alone should have clued me in what this album was getting at 😂

Lyrics aside I never realized what a fun arrangement this is either

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League of legends group stage about to start with FNC vs SKT I'm rooting for skt and faker in this first match but obviously TL overall

Also interesting the non-stop "free hong kong" spam in chat. Blizzard's cowardice really brought this into the global gaming zeitgeist

Since I posted this I keep thinking about how I'll never be able to comprehend the immensity of the privilege I have to be able to just flippantly post it and go about my day not having immediately endangered myself or my loved ones

Sushidragon is doing a 24 hour stream, no idea how he’ll last last segment was so hilarious

I had an extremely vivid lucid dream I couldn’t control a few weeks ago that left me shaken for much of the following day. It changed so rapidly and everything was so clear The pace and feeling of this video is the closest thing I’ve seen to that & brought the feeling of being trapped in the dream back to me. I feel like the platforms have been optimized around our brains so much that mainstream content production is almost mimicking the weird corners of our subconscious

You just never stop hearing new things. The stereo panned low vocals in sweet refrain verse 2 took me till now to hear and it's a cool idea to put them there

Spice too. Completely unique in composition and production, never heard anything like it before or since from Nakata or anyone else. Modulation jungle gym. All the eras are cool but JPN probably my favorite album

In its first 30 seconds, Voice has more interesting composition ideas than most songwriters entire careers

To multiply the complexity, that melody is reused in the choruses with completely different chords underneath. Just wow

Natural Ni Koishite is one of those tracks that is completely 100% unlike any other song I've ever heard period. Tracks like that are my favorite of his where they're like an island in his career and you can hear elements of them elsewhere but that particular flavor and combination only happened once. The glitchy production and the insanely complex chord sequences occur elsewhere but the actual principles of the composition and that combination of the two are novel

How does a pop song as perfect as Love the World even exist

First electro-pop song ever to go #1 in Japan for a reason

And maybe I'm just gonna spam post perfume hot takes all day. Only time they'll ever drop a career-spanning retrospective like this so why not!

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