I like finding songs that are more than the "sum of their parts" - that is the instrumentation, vocals, production come together in an unexpected way given the source ingredients. Sometimes it is a song that just sounds unreal from tinny iphone speakers, other times you wonder "how does the guitar make THAT sound?!" I've often felt that Chirinuruwowaka delivered a lot of these, especially from their first album. This later gem from a video game takes the cake for me:


I have a new hobby! I feel it isn't well known how easy it is to make your own hot sauce. It doesn't need to be fermented or even cooked; simply putting ingredients in a blender can produce amazing flavors. With a bit of experimentation and ingredient creativity, I've made sauces that [I consider] are more unique and rival anything store bought. I can control the spice level exactly how I want. The best part is a little goes a long way!


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